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About Us

Meet the writers and contributors who power our publication

What We Offer:

Promoting Student Journalism

A Platform for Faculty Research

Fostering Intellectual Conversations

Editorial Board:

Sebastián Jaramillo

Sebastián is a Supply Chain & Logistics student at Dalhousie University with a significant focus in Data Analytics. He brings experience working for one of Atlantic Canada’s most well known organizations. His interests include FinTech, emerging economies, and social issues.

Michael Simone

Michael is a 4th year Commerce student and an alumnus of the Dalhousie Varsity Baseball Association. His interests include Digital Privacy, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology. He objected to writing a biography, which is why he got his brother to write this one.

Ameir Yahia

Ameir is a Business and Political Science student at Dalhousie University. He serves as the Councillor for the Faculty of Management, Chair of the Senate Student Caucus, and is an avid competitor on the Rowe JDCC sports team serving as co-captain. His interests include geopolitics, US congressional politics, and regionalism.

Executive Team:

Case O'Brien

VP External

Case is in his fourth year of studies at Dal for his BComm majoring in Finance. He is also Vice President of the Dalhousie Investment Society and an active competitor with the Rowe School of Business’s JDCC Finance team.

Ingrid Bredberg

VP Marketing

Ingrid is in her 4th year of Commerce at Dalhousie, minoring in Mathematics. She has previously worked in the start-up world of employee engagement and is currently working in data analytics. Outside of school and work, her interests are music, culture, and tech.

Charlotte Goguen

Creative Director

Charlotte is a 4th year Commerce student with a minor in Chinese studies. Her interests include illustration, fashion, and animation. After graduation, she will be joining the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

Ian Mavin

Director of Media

Ian is currently in his 4th year at Dal for his BComm majoring in International business. An active competitor with the Rowe School of Business’s JDCC, Digital Strategies team, his areas of interest are in Data Analytics and Global strategies.

Chedi Mbaga


Chedi is an Applebanks Loran Scholar and is currently pursuing a BSc in Engineering with a minor in Economics. One of seven students selected to attend the 2018 G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meetings, Chedi has research interests surrounding monetary policy and banking.

Lynda Ofume

Senior Web Technician

Lynda is an Applied Computer Science student at Dalhousie University with a focus in Web Development and Design. She devotes her time between being a co-founder of a non-profit organization, school, and work. You can find her coding into the midnight hours or teaching first-years how to build a webpage.

Academic Contributors:

Binod Sundarajan

Professor, PhD

Binod Sundararajan is an Associate Professor of Management and Associate Director at the Rowe School of Business teaching International & Intercultural Management for undergrads and Sustainable leadership for the MBA. He has been awarded the A. Gordon Archibald Award. His Selected Publications include "Using stakeholder role play in business cases to teach management and communication" and "Lean, Ethical Business Communication".

Rick Nason

Professor, PhD

Rick Nason is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Rowe School of Business teaching Financial management. He has been awarded the Manulife Award for Teaching Excellence,  A. Gordon Archibald Award for Teaching Excellence and the MBA Professor of the Year award from Dalhousie University. His Selected publications include "It's Not Complicated: The Art & Science of Complexity in Business" and "Rethinking Risk Management".

Colin Conrad

Professor, PhD

Colin Conrad is an interdisciplinary scholar who does research on EdTech, Data Science, and the ways our brains work with information technology. He currently works as an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University’s School of Information Management. One of his most recent academic publications includes, “Measuring the Impact of Mind Wandering in Real Time Using an Auditory Evoked Potential” and "The Role of Flow in Learning Distributed Computing and MapReduce Concepts using Hands-On Analogy.