Graham Steele’s Legal Aspects of Business course is the benchmark – the gold standard of an undergraduate commerce course. As a professor, and a class, Graham Steele’s Legal Aspects is the exception not the rule at the Rowe School of Business

Over the years, Professor Steele designed the perfect framework for his class to operate. The perfect mixture between a course that’s challenging while also taking into account that most students are taking a full course load, so not to overwhelm his students but still genuinely challenge them. On top of that, Professor Steele dedicates an ungodly amount of his free time to his student’s success, he provides the resources for every student to succeed should they choose to want to improve their grade and themselves.

Aside from his unparalleled capabilities as an educator, he’s had an extraordinary career in public service. You’ll be pressed to find a community leader or community organization who has anything negative to say about him. He’s represented this city and province exceptionally, and always put the people he was elected to serve ahead of himself. He’s also written two insightful books on the true inner workings of the highest level of politics at the provincial level in Nova Scotia. His diagnosis and analysis of what he calls ‘the iron grip of the status quo’ is second to none and gives people an inside look at how their politics really works (I highly recommend reading the Effective Citizen, and What I Learned in Politics).

At the very least he has inspired a generation of business students who will proactively, not reactively, manage legal risks in their future business endeavors. At the very most, he’s inspired a generation of business students to pursue a career and education in law.

And quite possibly his greatest strength – he has mastered the subtle art of effectively guiding his students without holding their hands and giving them all the answers.

And finally, I’ll end with this, Professor Steele is living proof that if a professor invests their time and effort into their students, their students will undoubtedly put the same amount of effort into that class. 

This review from 2017 sums up Legal Aspects of Business better than I ever could.

Source: Rate My Professors